Service Tenet: Customer first and creates value through service.

Service Concept: Only through the value creation for customers, can we create value for ourselves.

The Customer Service of Sunward will become a customer-centered service system, which orients towards high efficiency and whole process operation, and develops towards emotional, standardized, and characteristic service, which is very competitive. The company keeps consistent improvement in the software and hardware construction of pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale service. In the construction of service informatization, the company takes the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM); builds the uniform platform for the management of customer relationship; searches the best operation mode for the management of customer resource, market research, sales process, and customer service; applies the scientific analysis methods, and records the full service process, and provides complete solutions for the enterprise to reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction. In the service hardware construction, the company makes the plan of “Global Service Distribution Center”, which will be a service platform for the Customer Service Department of Sunward and provide fundamental facilities and logistic guarantee for global service. It includes the training center of customer service, distribution center of spare parts, and etc.

Review the past and look forward to the future, Sunward will consistently make efforts at the perfect service network, excellent service team, modern information technology, complete service facilities, and provide strong support for the Sunward band so as to enlarge the market shares stably and quickly, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and make products and services of advanced international level in the wide market that is full of opportunities and challenges. Sunward is aiming at the future and making perfect development.